Friday, February 17, 2012

Week 7 - Glittered Heels

Today's project was inspired by Geneva at A Pair and a Spare, as well as all of those glittery heels seen around on women's feet.  I am not a huge fan of heels - it has nothing to do with not liking to walk in them, but rather that I am not a fan of shoe shopping.  I know this may seem unbelievable since I am in fact a woman, but I have never been a big shopper of clothing and accessories anyway.

I have a pair of plain boring black pumps that really need some spicing up.  I decided to try this technique, doing only the heel itself rather than the entire shoe.

 Gather the supplies you'll need:  your heels of choice, glue (I had prepared to use Mod Podge but she recommended regular Elmer's ), and glitter.  If you want a more "polished" look, choose a fine glitter - regular craft glitter isn't going to look as nice when you're finished.
I started by attempting Geneva's use of the paintbrush and very quickly changed my mind.  It was taking forever and didn't seem to be working so well.  You can try the painting method if you want by simply mixing some glitter into your glue.  

Apply the glue and glitter mix to your shoe in the areas where you want it.  If you're planning to do the entire shoe, it would probably be better to work in sections, allowing each one to dry in between.

What you see in the photo was taken after I got frustrated with painting the mix on and used my finger instead. I used the glitter/glue mix I'd already made then just sprinkled on more glitter as needed.
The finished product turned out so great.  This is just a close-up, which actually looks better than the shot at the top - glitter tends to reflect light (duh!) so it almost looks as if there is still wet glue in the other shot.  I haven't worn my "new" heels yet, but I plan to do so very soon!!

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