Thursday, December 1, 2011

#3 - Portraits with Christmas Lights

As an amateur photographer, I'm always on the look out for inspiration for photos, especially this time of year.  I came across beautiful photos.  One was taken by Amy Tripple Photography, and the other was by Caroline Tran Photography.  I was inspired to get a strand of unused Christmas lights out and start snapping.  It took some time to get the settings just right, but I finally got a couple of test shots with my neighbor's granddaughter that turned out great:

Addison was a great model, but I wanted to keep playing.  Later in the day my daughter agreed to be a guinea pig so I could get a few more test shots.  Here are the photos I got of her with the Christmas lights:

I have a couple of holiday photo shoots scheduled and I can't wait to try this technique out even more to see what I come up with.  Thanks to both Amy and Caroline for the inspiration!

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